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9 Ways to Stay Active in Hot Weather

It's important to stay active in hot weather, but a change in your workout may be needed to avoid the heat. Cooler conditions can be found early or late in the day, in parks and pools, and by staying indoors. Use these tips to find a way to remain active until the temperature drops.


1. Stretch at Sunrise
Step outside at dawn to stretch with the rising sun when the forecast calls for rising temperatures.

2. Workout With Wii
Plug in the video game console for a challenging workout in the air conditioned comfort of your own home.

3. Jump Through Hoops
Twirl your hips in a hula hoop to keep your body in motion and a smile on your face.

4. Race the Clock
Time yourself using the clock tower in the mall as you race past the food court and shoe stores for a brisk walk out of the sun.

5. Kick Up a Storm
Submerge yourself in a pool, lake, or ocean and use kick board to propel yourself across the surface.

6. Walk in the Woods
Find a shady foot path in the park or hiking trail under a canopy of trees to block the midday sun.

7. Keep It Afloat
Develop your paddle power to explore the inland waterways in a canoe, kayak, raft or rowboat.

8. Pedal Around Town
Use the bike lanes at dusk when the street lights are on and commuter traffic has slowed to a hush.

9. Stroll Under the Stars
Wait until dark to take a walk in the cool night air and gaze up at the stars.