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5 Ways to Beat the Meal Time Blues


If your eating habits have fallen into a rut, use these tips to beat the meal time blues

 Are your eating habits in a rut?  Have you stopped trying new recipes? Do you dread going into the kitchen? Is every trip to the grocery store a chore? You may be suffering from the Meal-Time Blues. 

Eating is one of the habits of daily life that can easily fall into a routine. The never-ending cycle of deciding what to eat, preparing food, consuming it, and cleaning up afterwards can become a mindless  pattern when done three times a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. 

That adds up to 1092 ways to get the meal time blues! 

With a little attention to things that can break the monotony of your meals, you can beat the the meal time blues. 

5 Ways to Beat the Meal-Time Blues

1. Revitalize your dining place

  • Use a new placemat
  • Switch to your good China 
  • Use a fancy wine glass
  • Drink tea from a tea cup and saucer
  • Add a simple centerpiece to the table
  • Sit in a different seat to change the view 

2. Reorganize your workspace

  • Store little-used appliances to free up counter space
  • Clean out the "junk drawer" to rediscover forgotten gadgets
  • Rearrange the spices in alphabetical order
  • Purge plastic containers without lids
  • Eliminate random unmatched mugs 

3. Revisit your recipes files

  • Sort through loose clippings to salvage your favorites
  • Copy the favorites onto cards or a computer file
  • Toss out anything old and never tried (you won't miss it if you never tried it)
  • Organize cookbooks by category (baking) or cuisine (Italian)
  • Search online recipe sites for new ideas where you need inspiration (vegetables)
  • Select at least one new recipe a week to prepare 

4. Revel in the unknown

  • Sample a type of produce you've never tasted before
  • Buy a new brand of cereal
  • Ask the butcher about a different cut of beef
  • Substitute another variety of fish for one you usually buy
  • Try an untried salad dressing
  • Use a fresh herb in place of the dried version in a dish 

5. Revive your taste buds

  • Add something new to a staple, like parsnips to the mashed potatoes
  • Prepare familiar foods in a new way, like frying eggs in olive oil
  • Introduce ethnic flavors to old favorites, like curry on steamed cauliflower
  • Experiment with condiments, like glazing salmon with Dijon mustard
  • Spice up your coffee with a dash of cinnamon, clove or nutmeg