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Beware of Footwear That Can Make You Fat This Holiday Season!

The holiday season is not only a challenge to your diet, it can also undermine your exercise routine. If your workouts are being shortchanged by all the extra things you have to do this time of year, be prepared to move more while doing them! What you wear on your feet can make all the difference. Style is a luxury you can't always afford when trying to stay in shape. Wear sensible shoes that let you keep moving to avoid holiday weight gain.

Fattening Holiday Footwear: Pointy Toes
Pointy toes work for the Grinch, but won't let you get through a day at work without a blister.

Fattening Holiday Footwear: High Heels
High heels are glamorous for a party, but will probably keep you in your seat instead of on the dance floor.

Fattening Holiday Footwear: Flip Flops
Flip Flops are fine when getting a pedicure, but won't help you get your heart rate up when racing through the parking lot.

Fattening Holiday Footwear: Cowboy Boots
Cowboy boots are perfect if traveling on horseback, but not if you're dashing to your subway stop.

Fattening Holiday Footwear: Rubber Boots
Rubber boots are great for puddles, not for climbing ladders to hang Christmas lights around the house.

Fattening Holiday Footwear: Plastic Sandals
Plastic sandals make sense sitting by the pool, not when running a vacuum to clean up the cookie crumbs.

Fattening Holiday Footwear: Strappy, Open-Toed Sandals
Strappy sandals can really show off your toes, but will probably get them stubbed as you race out the door to do some last minute shopping.