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5 Great New Foods, Drinks and Gadgets Discovered at the 2011 Food & Nutrition Expo


1.CASCAL, a delicious and sophisticated all-natural fermented soda handcrafted at a small microbrewery in Minnesota.
The flavors of CASCAL were inspired by a team of chefs using blended fruits and plant extracts to create the refined, yet complex fusion of flavors. The dual-stage fermentation method doesn't use any added sugar, giving it a fresh and crisp taste, and keeping it lower in calories and alcohol-free.

Only 60-80 calories per 12 ounce serving, with 31%-36% juice and available in:

Ripe Rouge with notes of cherry, chocolate and rose
Crisp White with notes of pear, apricot and magnolia
Light Red with notes of black currant and mirabelle
Bright Citrus with notes of lemongrass, tangerine and pineapple
Berry Cassis with notes of black currant, tangerine and lemon
Fresh Tropical with notes of mango, jasmine and kaffir.

2. CRISPY FRUIT freeze-dried fruit slices are made of real fruit and nothing else.
Crispy fruit are prepared using a freeze-drying process where water is removed from the fresh fruit, leaving behind the true essence of the fruit in a light and crispy texture. The process retains nearly all the nutrients of the fresh fruit while giving it a long shelf life. The taste in Crispy Fruit comes from the fresh fruit itself, with no added sugar, sweeteners or other additives or preservatives to affect the taste or appearance.

The Crisp Fruit slices have 55 calories or less per serving and are vegan-friendly, peanut/tree-nut free, dairy-free and gluten-free, plus kosher certified.

Available in these varieties:

Crispy Apples
Crispy Mangoes
Crispy Asian Pears
Crispy Bananas
Crispy Cantaloupes
Crispy Pineapples

3. GoPicnic boxed meals can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!
GoPicnic is a line of nutritionally balanced, shelf-stable, ready-to-eat meals-in-a-box that require no refrigeration, heating or preparation. No bigger than a hardcover novel, GoPicnic boxed meals are easy to transport in a laptop bag, backpack, or handbag.

GoPicnic includes options for specialty diets, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and kosher and are made with no trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, added MSG, or artificial flavors, food colors and preservatives. Each food item is clearly labeled with its ingredients so you can screen for specific allergens as needed.

Varieties include:

unbutter + Crackers
Hummus + Crackers
Wild Salmon with Vegetables
Whole Grain with Beans
Pasta & Vegetables
Turkey Pepperoni + Cheese

4. UDI'S Gluten Free Foods provide high quality breads and baked goods.
Challenged to make a great tasting gluten free bread, a Master Baker and his team of skilled bakers in Denver applied their craft and artisan baking techniques to create the secret recipe for Udis' Gluten Free Foods. The line now includes three types of gluten free bagels, hamburger and hot dog buns, granolas, muffins and pizza crusts in addition to a variety of sliced breads.

The Udi's website features recipes using their products in breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert plus a Gluten Free Toolkit and Gluten Free Blog. Try these:

Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Lemon Streusel Muffins
Cinnamon Rolls
Whole Grain Bagels
Cranberry Granola
Classic Hot Dog Buns
2 Pack Pizza Crusts

5. HEALTHY STEPS wellness line provides kitchen tools for a healthy lifestyle
Healthy Steps easy-to-use kitchen tools help consumers control portions without having to weigh food, eat healthier without having to count calories and make food preparation easier and your kitchen more organized without spending a lot of time doing it. The products have innovative designs and the company is constantly experimenting with new and different products to meet changing needs of the marketplace.

Products include:

Pasta basket measures, cooks and strains one serving of dry pasta
Meat server for 3 ounce portion
Nut bowl has graduated lid to easily measure one ounce portions
Butter Pro measures one tablespoon of stick butter or soft spread
Chicken Pro skins rotisserie chicken and debones leg and thigh meat
Herb Pro snips stems from plant, strips leaves from stems and minces leaves