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10 Ways to Improve Your Health

Did you know that good oral care is an important part of overall health? That's just one of our 10 great tips to improve your health now!


With all the talk about who should pay for healthcare, we sometimes forget that the most important way to lower healthcare costs is to take good care of ourselves.

While some illnesses are unavoidable, most are preventable. Use these 10 Ways to Improve Your Health as your premium payment for the best health insurance policy money can't buy.

  1. Curb Excesses – If you have an addiction or compulsive behavior, such as smoking or drinking excessively, it will deplete your physical condition and your bank account. Investing in professional help to treat them now will reap returns in improved health and wealth for the rest of your life.
  2. Express Yourself – Everyone needs an emotional outlet to relieve the normal stresses of everyday life. Don't be afraid to cry when you hurt or laugh out loud when something strikes you funny. Some people turn to writing their thoughts in a journal to express themselves, while others use creative outlets like music, art, or even cooking.
  3. Maintain Your Smile - Maintaining good oral care is an important part of overall health. To keep your smile looking great be sure to brush and floss twice a day. Also, regular dental visits help you stay on top of any developing issues.
  4. Take Precautions – Accidents are the fifth major cause of death in the United States. Basic safety measures can prevent many of them and reduce the severity of the injuries that may occur. Make sure you always wear a seat belt, drive within the speed limit, wear sunglasses and sunscreen when outdoors, use the right sports gear, and are careful around ladders and water.
  5. Eat Well - Focusing on health instead of weight when making food choices pays big dividends with every bite since good nutrition is the best preventive medicine there is. Even if you can't lose all the weight you should, it's worth eating well to reduce your risk of chronic diseases, including many types of cancer.
  6. Make Face Time - Connecting with family and friends on Facebook and other social networks is fine, but should not replace face-to-face meetings. A small but close circle of people you can spend time with is more valuable to your quality of life than having hundreds of friends you never see or talk to.
  7. Move More – Instead of thinking about all of the exercise you're supposed to be doing, try to get up out of your chair to stand, pace, or put your body in motion whenever you can. The goal is to decrease the number of hours a day you spend sitting. Medical experts found women who sit more than six hours a day are 94% more likely to die earlier than those who are not inactive for long periods of time.
  8. Check-Up + Follow Up – Just like birthdays and anniversaries, routine dental and medical check-ups should be permanent dates on your calendar. If you keep these annual appointments with your primary care physician and dentist you will have fewer unscheduled visits to treat pain and problems that could have been prevented.
  9. Stretch Often – The benefits of routine stretching include improved circulation, stress relief, more flexible joints, and better balance—so fewer falls. A good time to do some total body stretches is before getting out of bed in the morning or after a  shower when the muscles are warmed up.
  10. Sleep Enough – Something as basic as sleep is difficult for the millions of Americans who suffer from sleep disorders. Sleep deprivation increases the risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, lowered immune response, accidents, depression, and early death. Treating sleep as a necessity, not a luxury, is an important way to prevent illness and prolong life.

Healthy living tips for the 50+ brought to you by Crest & Oral-B ProHealth For Life.