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About Robyn

Robyn Flipse is a registered dietitian specializing in food, nutrition and health communications.

Her professional career includes just the right mix of dietetics counseling, teaching, and writing, combined with extensive media training and appearances, to make her a sought after resource for user-friendly nutrition information.

In fact, it is her ability to interpret the research behind the latest nutrition news and analyze emerging diet and health trends that has made her a valued spokesperson for several global food and pharmaceutical companies with complex messages they want delivered in a clear and concise fashion.

Robyn has been a featured guest on national television programs including CNN, CNBC and FOX News for her adept commentary on controversial diet and nutrition topics. She is frequently quoted as an expert in major publications such as USA Today, The New York Times, Family Circle, and SELF for her advice that is both easy to understand and to put into practice. A popular lecturer and keynote speaker, Robyn is often invited to address groups at universities, businesses and medical centers as well as professional association meetings including the American Dietetic Association, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society.

In January 2000 her book, The Wedding Dress Diet was published by Random House and released to rave reviews. She repeated that success in July 2002 with the publication of Fighting the Freshman Fifteen, with Three Rivers Press. She has also written numerous articles for professional and consumer publications with Environmental Nutrition, Nutrition Update, and Food and Wine Connoisseur Club Newsletter among them.

Since 1985 Robyn has been a consultant in private practice based in central New Jersey serving business clients that include McNeil Nutritionals, Kraft-General Foods, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Masterfoods, USA, and Bayer Company. Prior to that she was on the professional staffs at The Estee Corporation, Raritan Bay Health Services Corporation, the College of Medicine and Dentistry and Jersey Shore University Medical Center Hospital.

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